Thursday, July 29

im at the crossroads...

ok, so when I start to want to buy something. I research till my head hurts. Which is what I have been doing with my nook. Comparing it with the Kindle! I have out-ruled the kobo, because well... just cause. I do so much shopping on Amazon. I even have a couple Amazon books.

The Kindle 3 is coming out August 27th. I already know, I will not be able to get this device on my birthday if it is indeed the device I want.

I was thinking I could buy the Kindle three, and then have both, and then whichever one I like the most I'll keep. It's hard to decide if I want  a Kindle, I don't really get to play with it you know. The Nook is basically cosmetics, and well--cosmetically I'm sold. I just want the best picture too.

Maybe I'll wait for the side by side comparisons that should pop up soon.

UGh. This is so difficult!!

Other than that...the nook is looking pretty darn good still. So is that case! The Kindle cases are lame compared to the Nooks. LOl.

Sunday, July 25


I am getting a nook!! =)
For my birthday September 2nd. 
I am so excited..

I want this pouch to go with it!


It's 85 Dollars. But its my birthday. Live. Love. Laugh.

Tuesday, July 20

So Jamila...

did you do everything on your checklist?

If I read the rest of Masquerade, does that count as everything?

I didn't clean.

But oh boy, I wrote!!

I'm not reading Once A Witch, now. Although I was ready to dive into Revelations!

So, the main characters name is something that starts with a T. Also the characters love interests name is Gabriel. What am I to do. Gabriel is my name!! OUR BOOKS are nothing a like, but I hate using names that have been used in books I have read. Lol, yes I'm aware Gabriel is super popular for angel books, and vampires, that's why I thought throwing it into a series about witches would be spectacularly unique.

Should I change the names.

Oh but I'm not changing Trinket. That's my character name. Matter of fact.. lets call my main character BOB till my book gets published.

Gabriel. What am I going to do with you? Search through the bible for something as luring as Gabriel. Is it possible. I loved you at first turn of page.


okay, back to heading for starbucks!

Love Jamila Mosi.

Sunday, July 18

You R the Lightening & I am the Thunder...

& I love the way you know who you are & to me it's exciting,
& I know it's meant to be, everything comes naturally - Selena Gomez.


I'm up writing.. at 3 in the morning!


I am writing We Should Be Friends or That Should Be Me.


I am listening to my ipod, and currently still on page 30 of Masquerade! DAMN!

Tommorrow List to Do:

Finish Masquerade
Clean Room


Well good morning world!

Love Always,

Jamila Mosi.


Should I Buy an Ipad?

Wednesday, July 14

We Should be LOVERS.. this is a fact.

My critque went well,

I love everything Mrs. Mcbride had to say. She's a really intellegent person, and I am happy to be preparing the rest of my manuscript to give to her. She related to me. The skype conversation was fun, and entertaining. Mrs. Mcbride is what you would want in an literary agent, confidant, and friend. Not to mention her book sounds super awesome too. I totally got right on her suggestions. Can't wait for the rest. Yippeee

I was wondering?

I'm writing this book about love, and originally I was going to make it so the two logical people get back together. But when you read a book, do you want the people you think were destined to be together to actually be together--just because everything about it feels right?

Or as a reader would you like it if the character found happiness in herself, like you know we do in real life, let go of the past to move on to the future. I mean why would you keep bouncing back to something. If it didn't work the first time would woul try again, the same way?

Idk. I'm actually writing two love stories YA Rommance Novels. Jennifer Anniston We Should be Best Friends and The Stand In Boyfriend. I think I going to change JAWSBBF (Jaws BBF! lol), the title to We Should Be Friends. I think it's a better title. Maybe...hmmm what do you thinl?

I know I've been away for a while. I will post up samples of those two novels tommorrow and pictures of my week!

OMG getting my hair done tomorrow!!

Well I got to update my book Blog! Check it out...I just finished two books. After that I have to update my cooking, I have been cooking up a storm!

PS. Soon I am going to buy a blow dyer!. LOL my first one.