Thursday, July 29

im at the crossroads...

ok, so when I start to want to buy something. I research till my head hurts. Which is what I have been doing with my nook. Comparing it with the Kindle! I have out-ruled the kobo, because well... just cause. I do so much shopping on Amazon. I even have a couple Amazon books.

The Kindle 3 is coming out August 27th. I already know, I will not be able to get this device on my birthday if it is indeed the device I want.

I was thinking I could buy the Kindle three, and then have both, and then whichever one I like the most I'll keep. It's hard to decide if I want  a Kindle, I don't really get to play with it you know. The Nook is basically cosmetics, and well--cosmetically I'm sold. I just want the best picture too.

Maybe I'll wait for the side by side comparisons that should pop up soon.

UGh. This is so difficult!!

Other than that...the nook is looking pretty darn good still. So is that case! The Kindle cases are lame compared to the Nooks. LOl.

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