My Books

Below is a list of finished and WIP books I am currently working on.

I'm sending out my claims to the library of congress of Generation I, and the Darkest Lullaby to get them copy written since they are at the final stages of their better finished halves! =) I'm actually thinking of self publishing my Generation I series, if I can't find representation. I for sure though, want to get an agent for all the rest of my books! They are unique and I love them!

I love Generation I but there is a lot of Gossip Girl like novels out there, so it might be harder to find someone to represent those books, over my other books! I love writing. Anyways, I'll put some samples up! Like the covers for my Generation I novels? Ha, I would like to thank Pink Cashmere for making these pictures googleable, and then thank word for make the program to allow me to make them pretty.

YA Drama Series

Generation I (Editing Finished Manuscript)
Generation I Love You (Finished: Needs Revision)
Generation I Couture (Almost Finished)

YA Urban Fantasy Series
the Darkest Lullaby (Finished: Professional Revisions)
the Black Nightingale (a Lullaby Novel) (WIP)
Story of the Whales: Calls of the Ocean (Finished: Needs to be typed)

YA Romance
The Stand In Boyfriend (WIP)
We Should Be Best Friends (WIP)
Remembering Summer (WIP)
Divine Soul (WIP)

WIP under 10000 Words.
The Kings Sisters (Women's Fiction/YA)
The Silhouette of Stacy Survinge ( Adult Mystery)
Shyly Soda (Women's Fiction)