Tuesday, July 20

So Jamila...

did you do everything on your checklist?

If I read the rest of Masquerade, does that count as everything?

I didn't clean.

But oh boy, I wrote!!

I'm not reading Once A Witch, now. Although I was ready to dive into Revelations!

So, the main characters name is something that starts with a T. Also the characters love interests name is Gabriel. What am I to do. Gabriel is my name!! OUR BOOKS are nothing a like, but I hate using names that have been used in books I have read. Lol, yes I'm aware Gabriel is super popular for angel books, and vampires, that's why I thought throwing it into a series about witches would be spectacularly unique.

Should I change the names.

Oh but I'm not changing Trinket. That's my character name. Matter of fact.. lets call my main character BOB till my book gets published.

Gabriel. What am I going to do with you? Search through the bible for something as luring as Gabriel. Is it possible. I loved you at first turn of page.


okay, back to heading for starbucks!

Love Jamila Mosi.

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