The Greatest Love Story, Ours. 

This dedicated to my best friend, and first taste of bitter sweet true love—forever & for always.


Finding Love

I met you,
On Tuesday,
And fell in love with you.
Your smile, your eyes
Made me wish for you always,
It took me so long to,
Just talk to you.
When I did, it was worth it,
I was crazy for you.
So long I waited for someone to sweep me off my feet
Though they tried, they just left
Half way tramatized.
I wish that God would finally give me what I really need.
And your laugh, your words made it seem so clear.
I had to go through all that just to see the truth
I had to close my eyes,
Just to find my world in you.
No I’m not turning back,
You give me everything I need.
Even when grey skies fall,
Your light tends to pull right through
Just promise me,
You’ll never leave.