my name is jamila, jam if ur special

[♠maybe theres beauty in goodbye♠]
[♥I’m tried of waiting for miracles ♥]
[♠humble and ill never fumble♠]
[♠The hardest thing well ever learn is just to love and be loved in return...]
beauty is only so deep, is compassion that takes u further

&&berkleybound =).

I take everything as a sign,
A means that I meant to write,
a proposal that my head won’t let me stop
Cause I’m far too emotionally involved to ever let go
Writing is more than a passion to me,
it's the way i live and breathe.
It's my number one love...
i'm married to my journal & pen.


Artists are different things.
Some express diligently with their hands that paint out masterpieces,
Or with a click of a camera they spread love and joy with their photography.
Others might even design the crap out of the feelings into a multibillion dollar website,
Or make a triple platinum record with words that pour through your speakers
And bring emotion to your cup of tea.
I am an artist--one who writes to express her past times,
And lives each moment in a poem or song
Sometimes even a future epic journey of a fiction character
That I created. im an artst
And like those before me who stand tall and talke like,
I adore thee; I focus on more than just the technical matters.
Every word I type spells out a different element to life,
Though some may spell out acts of love and others acts of bitterness,
Like many before me I take power in my stanza,
Put the edge on my commas,
And over abuse the fact that grammar is sometimes a suggestion.