Sunday, August 15

I'm Back from VACATION!!

OMG! San Fransico was gReat.
I want to move to the bay area. No doubt I will. Soon.

Tomorrow I should put up the pictures.
My mother read my new and updated manuscript, and oh boy. She said she loved it. My brother is reading it now so he can tell me is criticisms when he comes to SD for my birthday!

Oh and not only will I maybe get the Nook, but, I'm getting a new computer!

Yes! Finally! I know. I'm done with this Laptop. It's like hell to me. So we ordered an all-in-one desktop from HP! Reliability thank gosh. And it say i can talk to it, and it will type for me. Can you say cure to me not wanting to write all I have down on paper to Word. Perfect. It should come tomorrow. So if it does, I will post more updates, more pictures, and a random chapter from my story. =)

School's about to start.

I'm so excited. I'm taking honors fiction writing seminar. I love that class.

I've also been going to the gym everyday, so I can be in shape for next summer, and my next birthday. I'm actually thinking of going running at like nine. I don't want to over do it, but I want to trim my thighs. Doesn't almost every girl??


Well, I'm back.

And while in school, expect some never-ending updates about how much I hate! Math...all kinds, and I'll definitely post up Ms Zobells, excersizes! =)


Love always,

Jamila =)

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