Tuesday, April 5

What am I going to do? What are you going to do?

How do you post a video on BLOGGER! IVE TRIED EIGHT DIFFERENT WAYS! =(

Well I'm going to read Killer and Betryal so I can POST A REVIEW! While I WATCH THIS.
I feel sick, and yeah. I'll be in bed! =)



  1. Your video must first be somewhere on the web before it can be shared on your blog. There are several free services where you can upload content, but youtube is the easiest. If your video is on youtube then you bring up the youtube browser with your video and click on the "embed" button right below the video window. It will then list and html code you copy and paste into your blog. If it's a video not hosted on youtube you'll have to find a free video player (Html code is listed all over the web for free players) and then put in the reflecting link for where you video is hosted.

    Hope this helps--and good luck!