Sunday, April 3

So I've Decided...

I'm taking a Mytholgy class and we had to read Popol Vuh a ancient creation story full of all of fighting for mankind and sleighing of undeserving Gods and a cool ancient games. But most fantastically the HERO TWINS. They have really weird names. These are Mayan myths, also the way the wrote the Mayan calender that ends Decemeber 2012..dun dun dun.

Well their story was so intriguing to me, and I think it would be intriguing to many others. I've decided to map out a way so I can write a book about it. I'm going to work on writing out an synopsis. Put my Robot book to the still i get some scientific explainations as to how the Robots were createrd along with the genetically modified humans lol!!. I would take out the key points from the story, giving them new names, and outling their destinct adventures, while trying to be true to the the myth. Also add some twist and turns, maybe make it in modern day...ooh i just got some wonderful IDEAS! I dont want to write them all down though.

I was also thinking about writing ...i can't spell her name...about Persephone and her mother Demeter. Did you know Persephone and Hades had a son? The son of the UNDERWORLD! =) That sounds like a good story too, not to mention the wonderful ancient group who worshiped the ground the two Gods walked on...what my teacher calls the Trinity (Persephone, Demeter, and Hera)  Hmm seems like there's a story there too.

I'll check to see if one is out there... Oh boy do I love greek myth. Theres a little in my Lullaby Series. I just like Gods for every inch of this Earth. It just seems fantastic.

Ok, well I will be back tommorrow. =)


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