Tuesday, June 22

Things I Love as much as Writing


One thing in this world that I love above all else, is my best friend Pebbles. She's my life pride and joy. Just being around her makes me ten times better. Seeing her face, and her smile. When she lays next to me when I'm sad, licks me to make me smile. When I'm sleeping shell curl right next to me and take away all my bad dreams. Lol! When I write she'll stare me down like, mommie it's time for you to go to sleep, is what she's thinking. If I'm up she's up. If I don't give up, she doesn't. I love her so much. I can't imagine life without her. It sucks not being able to see her everyday, but I saw her today. =) My pebbles. 

I am a Blackberry Girl.
I love my Blackberry 9550.
It's my right hand, my connection to amazon, tracking my orders,
texting, picture taking, and BBM! 
Blackberry's Rule.

End of Story. 

I lied, it's just the beginning. (Wink, Wink)
the future editor and chief of Glamour. Incase you didn't know. 
ha, ha

Goodnight! Sweet Dreams.
Love Always,
Jamila A Mosi

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